DataOps.Rocks Digital Summit 2021

How to Get Started with DataOps: Tips, Trends, and Tools for Data Analytics Leaders

Sep 23, 2021 | 12:55 PM - 1:45 PM


Today, many data analytics teams have no systematic approach to development or deployment. And the results show: delivery is slow, errors are high, and customers are frustrated. Some companies have adopted agile techniques—and that is a big improvement—but data analytics development is still more of an artisanal craft than an industrial process. To support a growing demand for analytics and machine learning, data analytics team need to transform how they build and deploy solutions. That is the role of DataOps, an emerging set of tools, processes, and principles for scaling the development of data pipelines and solutions. The goal is to increase agility, reduce cycle times, and minimize data defects by applying greater rigor and automation to building, testing, and deploying code. You Will Learn: · What is DataOps and why you need it · The dimensions of DataOps · The state of DataOps adoption · A framework for DataOps implementation

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